Building Agriculture Relationships Now

Our Governing Body

Rutherford BARN is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization that supports a locally-based food system that: a) improves public health and well-being by increasing dietary intake of fresh produce; b) improves access to fresh produce by limited resource families c) enhances the capacity for sustainable food production, processing, and distribution by addressing the educational needs of the producer and consumer; (d) supports agri-tourism and economic development; (e) provides an atmosphere conducive for exchange of information and ideas between producers and consumers, and; (f) strengthens the social fabric of the local community by increasing awareness and support of local agriculture and the arts.

We believe in the inclusion of those we serve. “Nothing about us, without us, is for us.” We believe in the power of the local food system to nourish those in need locally, and strive to connect local farms to local plates to accomplish the mission of reducing local food insecurity. We believe in the capacity of our local community to sustain local farms, and believe that local farmers deserve to work for a living wage.

In keeping with these ideals, we will strive to always include our local communities in our discussions. We intend to operate with the farmers’ best interests at heart, and wish to adequately represent both the farmer and the consumer. We will act as a liaison between local organizations, helping move the mission forward in a holistic manner. Our organization is not best suited to work in every aspect necessary to reduce food insecurity, and we need to support our local partners in their work. We wish to help streamline the local response to food insecurity, so that our efforts multiply, but not duplicate.

Rutherford BARN, Inc. Officers and Board

Randall Pearson – President
Tealia DeBerry – Vice President
Anne Byrne – Secretary
Angel Page – Treasurer

Board Members 
Amy Bridges
Beverly Aiken
Danny Burrows
Paul Brock
Kristin Pearson
Veronica Piper
Kathy Livengood

By Laws

Articles of Incorporation