Six Points Farm

Six Points Farm is a one-acre mushroom farm located in Mooresboro, North Carolina. The farm’s large barn houses both their poultry and mushroom fruiting area. They currently operate two grow tents for their mushrooms and produce roughly 5,000 to 7,000 pounds of mushrooms annually. 

Six Points Farm is owned and operated by Danny and Tealia. Danny has hunted for mushrooms his entire life and has always had a deep interest and respect for mushrooms and mycology. Tealia works in online education and holds a doctorate in adult education. 

The pair started growing mushrooms a year ago. They began by studying at “YouTube University.” By watching YouTube videos, they learned about different varieties of mushrooms and the conditions they require to thrive. After learning all they could from YouTube, they found a mushroom mentor who helped them learn how to perform lab work properly. 

After their crash course in mushroom growing, they decided to pursue their passion for growing things that they could eat and share with anyone interested in the benefits and flavor of gourmet mushrooms. Luckily for Rutherford County residents, this plan led them to the farmers market.

The co-farmers grow using organic materials and biodynamic farming methods in grow tents that are kept at 95% moisture for optimal growing conditions. Like most crops, the time to harvest varies depending on the variety. Some mushrooms can be harvested within 20-30 days (oyster), while others might take six months (shiitake)! 

Six Points Farm brings fresh mushrooms (Red Reishi, multiple types of oysters, Lion’s Mane, shiitake), powdered mushrooms, dried mushrooms, and mushroom grow kits to the market. 

To learn more about Six Points Farm, visit the Rutherford County Farmers Market, or follow them on Instagram at sixpointsfarmnc.