Beam Farms

Beam Farms is a diversified livestock and forage operation located in Rutherfordton, NC, supplying quality hay and beef to the surrounding area. Their farm has been in the Beam Family since 1770! 

The farm is owned and operated by Stuart and Natalie Beam. Stuart grew up hearing stories about raising livestock from his grandparents on both sides of the family. His grandparents on his dad’s side raised beef livestock, while his mom’s side had a dairy farm. 

Although Stuart has a family history of farming, he didn’t start until 2013, when he decided to start his hay operation. After finding success in hay, he decided to expand his farm by raising beef cattle with his wife, Natalie. Natalie grew up riding horses but admits she had a lot to learn about farming when she was roped into the family business. But has quickly gotten up to speed after the couple decided to farm for a living. 

The farm grows and sells large square bales of various types: ryegrass, alfalfa, fescue and orchard grass, and grass/alfalfa mixes.

Beam Farms’ herd consists of 20+ beef cattle raised on pasture and supplemented with daily grain. The corn-fed diet contributes to the flavor and marbling of their finished product that is tough to beat! Their beef is processed and packaged by several different USDA inspected local processors. 

Their product offerings include ground beef, NY strip, skirt steak, roast, tips, short ribs, brisket, and more.

When you buy from Beam Farms, you’re supporting a young couple who have made the bold decision to make a living the way their grandparents did! And you’re getting a superior and affordable cut of beef. 

To purchase beef from Beam Farms, visit the Rutherford County Farmers market, or you can reach them at (828) 429-3574. Call for current hay availability.