Asana Herb Farm

Asana Herb Farm, located in Rutherford County, NC, focuses on growing high-quality ingredients for those who love to be in the kitchen. As former attendees of Tri-City Tailgate Farmers Market, Asana Herb Farm has been front and center for the evolution of the farmers market in the county. 

The farm is owned by Marie Chan, a retired Chemist/Chemical Engineer. Marie and her husband, Bill Casp are veteran gardeners, gardening to provide fresh produce for their family. In time, cooking became a hobby for the couple, thanks to cooking shows on Food Network and PBS.

As is the case with most gardeners, their kitchen habits influenced what they grew and they started to grow unique herbs to fit the recipes they wanted to try. Their hobby garden snowballed into a backyard farm when a friend gifted them an herb kit. This small gift led to an herb patch and eventually to an herb farm. 

Marie didn’t set out to be a farmer but she saw the need for more diverse herbs and cooking ingredients in rural Western North Carolina and ran with it! She considers it a privilege to share the surplus of her garden with others who appreciate these ingredients and loves meeting with customers and friends at the market.

Asana Herb Farm’s produce reflects their passion for cooking and is grown with the care and attention of a family garden. Marie guarantees that everything she brings to market she would feed to her own family! You won’t get the same guarantee from big box store suppliers. You can find unusual produce, herbs, and vegetable seedlings (Spring), fennel bulbs, garlic, red cabbage, shishito peppers, and Japanese long onions. 

To learn more about Asana Herb Farm, visit the Rutherford County Farmers Market or email