Wild Heart Herb Farm

Wild Heart Herb Farm is a 1.6-acre farm located in Forest City. It is a Certified National Wildlife Backyard Habitat that grows herbs and edible flowers, as well as creates phthalate-free handmade soaps and other personal care items. 

It’s owned and operated by Linda Bond. Linda grew up in New York on a Holstein dairy and Black Angus farm, where she helped with milking and feeding her family’s livestock. After leaving the family livestock operation, she transitioned to a career training and raising thoroughbred racehorses. During her time training racehorses, she also flexed her green thumb, growing hay for feed and herbs. 

Linda is a long-time member of our local agricultural community, joining the Polk County Farmers market soon after making the move to North Carolina. She credits/blames buying her first goat, which she bought as a companion for her retired racehorse, as the reason she started making soap. 

Before she knew it, she had a herd of goats and needed something to do with the milk they were producing. Unfortunately, health issues forced her to give up raising goats, but that hasn’t stopped her from delighting market customers with her personal care products.    

Linda is now a veteran soapmaker and farmer who has been making personal care products for the last 15 years. Her soaps are crafted using restaurant-quality organic herbs and flowers that are grown on the farm. After harvesting, she dries and extracts the essential oils from the herbs herself. In addition to the herbs, she uses high-quality organic inputs like goats milk, jojoba oil, sunflower oil, cocoa butter, and shea butter.

Every bar and bottle sold by Wild Heart Herb Farm is made in small batches, which ensures no detail is overlooked. But what really sets Wild Heart Herb Farm apart is Linda’s artistic approach to soapmaking, which you can see in her designs, carefully tied bows, and dried flowers. 

When you buy from Wild Heart Herb Farm, you’re supporting a farm that’s committed to providing a haven for native wildlife. As a Certified Wildlife Habitat, they’re required to provide food, water, and shelter for Rutherford County’s native wildlife. 

Wild Heart Herb Farm creates soaps, felted soaps, lotions, liquid soaps, lip balms, therapy pillows, beard oil, and more. Linda is constantly experimenting with different scents, designs, and products so it’s always worth stopping by her table. 

To learn more about Wild Heart Herb Farm or to order, you can visit their Etsy page, follow them on Facebook , or call Linda at 828-980-1511.