Note from the Market Manager, Spring 2020

Rutherford BARN, a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization operates the Rutherford County Farmers Market with the express intention of assisting in the development of a vibrant, sustainable, local food system that will be able to nourish most of the residents of Rutherford County. We believe in the importance of shopping local, and are devoted to increasing the ease with which our residents are able to procure the healthiest, freshest, and most nutritious foods available. We believe in the necessity of developing our local economy, and the importance of keeping as much of our residents’ money in the local economy as possible. We believe in providing an equitable space for farmers and gardeners alike to sell their products, focusing on creating a non-discriminatory, welcoming, and inclusive environment. We believe in the right for our customers to shop without stigma or judgement, and thus provide a SNAP/EBT token system designed to minimize the differences between SNAP users and credit/debit users.

For all of the above reasons, we have curated a Farmers’ Market that only allows for the direct sale of farm and garden raised products from within a strictly local area, including Rutherford County and any contiguous county. We allow artisan vendors based on space availability and through a juried process managed by a subcommittee of Rutherford BARN, not made up of current vendors for the sake of transparency and equitability. Our artisans create everything they sell, and never from a kit. Our farmers grow everything they sell, or work together with another local farmer to increase the availability of these hyper-local goods, always with transparency.

We are in the BETA testing phase for our new online marketplace. We hope that very soon we will be able to allow our customers a new shopping experience, and one that minimizes both the inconvenience of shopping local as well as mitigates the potential for exposure to the novel coronavirus that is disrupting our nation. Please check back with us soon, and sign up to receive the newsletter for the most up to date information.

Come out and visit the Farmers Market! Always, if you have concerns, swing by the Market Manager’s table to chat. Thank you for your support, and for your interest in local foods and artisanal goods. Together we will build a more vibrant Rutherford County! As always, shop local – feed your farmer!

David Hislop
Rutherford County Food Systems Coordinator and Farmers’ Market Manager
Mobile: 828.919.2595

About the Market Manager

David Hislop started working in agriculture shortly after he graduated from the University of South Carolina in 2007. What began as an interest in working with backyard gardens and homestead-sized livestock quickly turned into consistent efforts to support a vibrant and healthy local food economy. David was a founding partner of the Sea Islands Local Outlet, a market designed to increase access to sustainably grown, local foods. His next venture sought to increase the prevalence of locally grown urban food throughout the Savannah, GA area. Victory Gardens is a throwback to a time when local communities banded together to increase their sustainability, making sure to feed one another through a network of backyard gardens. David believes in the power of local agriculture to feed local people. A farmer himself, he is excited to work to support local farms, understanding first hand the challenges they face. The best way to reach David is via e-mail.