Kid-Approved Lunches Start at the Rutherford County Farmers Market

Forest City, N.C. (August 15, 2019): With the new school year comes the return of daily routines for parents and children including meal prep. The focus on healthy eating is a growing priority for parents, and the Rutherford County Farmers Market offers a weekly selection of local produce and meats perfect for delicious, healthy breakfasts and lunches. Open every Saturday from 8 a.m. until 12 p.m., a visit makes for a fun family outing. Here are a few meal ideas to satisfy young palettes and reward parental goals.

Breakfast Smoothie:

Fresh fruit is always available at the Rutherford County Farmers Market, so grab a selection for daily smoothies. Vendors are onsite selling local yogurt and dairy products to make the recipe fully fresh and local. Grab some microgreens to sneak into the smoothie for added nutrients in the morning.

Egg Sandwich:

Add a little protein to breakfast with an egg sandwich. Crack and stir an egg in a small bowl, then microwave for 30 seconds. Toast local sourdough bread and top with the microwaved egg. Add condiments as desired and enjoy a quick, healthy breakfast. Find eggs and a selection of bread at the Rutherford County Farmers Market.

Toast with Honey or Jam:

Toast topped with local honey or jam is a simple, delicious and easy way for parents or kids to make breakfast in the mornings. In addition to bread, the Rutherford County Farmers Market has vendors selling local honey and a large variety of jams.

Lettuce Wraps:

Take a break from traditional sandwiches and purchase local ground beef, peppers, onions and lettuce for lettuce wraps. Sauté the ground beef with the local peppers, onions and choice of seasoning. Get ahead of the game and prep a large quantity on Sunday, then place the beef in individual containers, one for each day of the week. Store the lettuce pieces in separate containers with a small paper towel to absorb the moisture and keep the lettuce fresh. The sauteed mixture can be eaten cold with the lettuce or warmed in a microwave for 30 seconds, then wrapped in lettuce.

Cucumber Boats:

While cucumber slices are a kid favorite and great in any lunchbox, try packing cucumbers with pimento cheese on top or on the side. Find fresh local cucumbers and made-that-morning pimento cheese at the Rutherford County Farmers Market.

Sandwiches with Brisket or Smoked Trout

Choose from the selection of homemade bread and the variety of local meats to prepare fresh sandwiches. Try the local brisket or Kobe beef on a cranberry loaf or sourdough bread. Smoked trout is also available and a great protein alternative that can be served cold or hot. As a bonus, the trout does not require refrigeration and can be stored in the pantry for up to six months.

Fig Drizzles:

Skip the processed caramel and send fresh sliced figs drizzled with local honey.

Fresh Fruit & Vegetables:

Fresh fruit always makes a great side in any lunchbox and doubles as a sweet treat for kids. Toss in a few veggies – fresh or grilled.

Serve fresh, local meals using products from the Rutherford County Farmers Market and offer kids a balanced meal to fight off mid-day energy loss and keep young minds sharp and alert.

About The Rutherford County Farmers Market

The Rutherford County Farmers Market is a 501c3 non-profit organization open on Saturdays from 8 a.m. – 12 p.m. April through the end of October, and is located at 172 Depot Street in Forest City, NC. For more information, visit To sign up to be a vendor, please contact 828-287-6011 or email