How a Mom Found Magic at the Farmer’s Market

I didn’t expect to find magic at the Rutherford County Farmers Market in Forest City, NC, last month, but I did. As a mother, I rarely have time to make extra trips around town. Since I do most of my shopping online or at discount stores, I almost didn’t go to the market at all, but I’m glad I made the time because an answer was there waiting for me. It came shrink-wrapped and scented, and was not at all what I had anticipated buying.  However, just 30 minutes and a few dollars at the Rutherford County Farmers Market one Saturday brought a little magic into the madness of our home.  

It was the hand-made soap from Erin at Rustic Lodge Soaps that caught my nearly four-year-old son’s attention. Andrew has a love-hate relationship with bath time, and I know bath time struggles are a common theme in parenting. We’ve had to lure him in through colors, bubbles, trinkets and toys in his tub. That night, I was delighted to share the surprise and show him the “Fund-Fetti” Soap that we had purchased at the Rustic Lodge table. It’s a small, custom soap filled with scraps of all their other beautiful bars, and it looks like confetti on the inside. It comes wrapped with either a pink or blue stripe, making it even more attractive to kids. 

The “funds” from the soap support the purchase of homeschool supplies, so I knew if the soap didn’t “float” with my son, at least my support wouldn’t sink. Drew squealed with delight as he opened his bath-time treat and he asked, “Is it magical soap, mommy?” I assured him it was indeed magical, that it could cause stinky skin to smell good again, and make all the dirt on his body disappear. 

He smiled at the thought, and then he wrapped his “Fund-Fetti” soap inside his fox-faced washcloth, and tugged it around under water. He peeked inside and called aloud all the colors. He scratched and sniffed and chanted, “Magical, magical, magical!” Then, he lathered up his body and joyfully swished himself around.

My husband, NAME, was equally thrilled by this newfound magical soap. “It’s awesome that the confetti soap has made bath time fun again. Drew seems to be getting over his fear of soap and keeps telling me he doesn’t need my help to wash him,” said NAME. 

The magic is that the soap is fun for everyone involved. It’s fun for Drew because it’s his and his alone. It’s fun for us as parents because he wants to act like a big boy and wash himself. Plus, the magic of the moment when we decide who is on bath duty – we are all willing and happy to get up and get involved!

I cannot speak more positively about the fun in shopping at the local farmer’s market. I’m going back again soon, looking for more magic. Perhaps it’s in meeting new people, trying new experiences, or knowing you are funding local farmers, artisans, and friends. Whatever the reasons, I can’t wait for Saturday mornings!